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ATaleofThreeWomen_CoverRevised copy.jpg

 "A magical quality—fable-like, yet grounded in reality, set in the past, yet contemporary, farfetched, yet possible."

The Wife Takes a Farmer Front Cover.jpg

"A tale of people I most enjoy in fiction, ordinary folks dealing with the joys, sorrows, mishaps and intrigues of daily life."

"Explores the interior landscapes of unforgettable characters, some down-and-out, and some who hold tenaciously to their small territories by ragged fingernails."

 "The tale of one orphan seeking her dream in Venice, Italy, in 1715."

"28 writers with emotionally charged and timeless Christmas stories. Some seasons arrive with merriment, peace, joy, and good tidings toward all. Other years, Christmas barrels down with the weight of family loss, empty pocketbooks, depleted checking accounts, anxiety, depression, and a wish to retreat."

"26 timeless short stories and essays by writers across the country. Because the holiday season is an emotionally charged time, the writers have explored the terrain of feelings, activities, discoveries, events, and memories associated with Christmas."

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