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Christmas Is A Season! 2008


From an eyewitness account of the December, 1941, bombing of Pearl Harbor, to a child s account of an actual sighting of Santa Claus streaking across the night sky, to a desperate commercial flight on Christmas Day a flight to avoid suicide to the appearance of an angel, a flesh-and-blood angel, Christmas is a Season! 2008 has it all.

In editing Christmas is a Season! 2008, I learned from the 28 included writers that the holidays are emotionally charged, and everyone has a Christmas story. Some seasons arrive with merriment, peace, joy, and good tidings toward all mankind. Other years, Christmas Day barrels down with the weight of family and individual loss, empty pocketbooks, depleted checking accounts, anxiety, depression, and a wish to retreat. The short stories and personal essays in Christmas is a Season! 2008 explore every square mile of the Christmas terrain in beautifully crafted prose. Enjoy! --Linda Busby Parker, Editor

Suitable for all ages.  Paperback, 269 pages. Available in paperback and kindle download from Amazon and directly from our online store. If you need books for a special event, please complete our Bookseller Order Inquiry.

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