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Christmas Is a Season! 2009


Christmas is a Season! 2009 is a collection of 26 short stories and essays by writers across the country. Because the holiday season is an emotionally charged time, the writers have explored the terrain of feelings, activities, discoveries, events, and memories associated with Christmas. The stories and essays are full of surprises: a pagan celebration, a Santa School transformation, a dog gaining heroic status, a teenager receiving the Christmas spirit, despite herself. Great joy, great longings, much laughter, some sadness, and some regrets -- the stories in Christmas is a Season! 2009 have all of this and more. Stir up a cup of hot cocoa, put a log on the fire, and pull up a comfy chair. Take a few minutes out of the Christmas rush to relax and examine Christmas while walking in a few other pairs of shoes!

Suitable for all ages.  Paperback, 272 pages. Available in paperback and kindle download from Amazon and directly from our online store. If you need books for a special event, please complete our Bookseller Order Inquiry.

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