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NoviBooks - Climate Change Primers

The Novibooks series of primers is intended to provide readers of all backgrounds with climate change information they can use to judge what is being proposed by the government and climate activists.  We will make every effort to adhere to the facts and the science, and to offer actionable information for individuals and communities to be part of the process of change where the science clearly indicates a response is needed. The series will cover many topics related to the Earth's ecosystem. 

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Small Title

Our great forests are an essential element of our ecosystem. They capture carbon from the atmosphere, provide oxygen to us living animals, and many other benefits discussed in the first primer in this series.  The effect of the 3 trillion trees on Earth in mitigating climate change is almost unmatched by any other single part of the ecosystem.

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Electric Vehicles

Next in the series - Coming Soon

Electric Vehicles are all the rage now.  This primer will explore all the positive and negative aspects of a massive transition to EV's. We will explore all the energy and operational changes that large-scale adoption of EV's will bring, including the associated charging infrastructure and battery storage and recycling processes.  

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The Oceans

Coming Soon

71 percent of the Earth is covered by our large oceans. The oceans provide an enormous buffer effect on temperature, carbon absorption, oxygen generation, and overall weather phenomena.  This primer will explore all of the topics related to the health of our oceans and their ecosystem roles.    

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