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Isabella's Libretto


Isabella's Libretto is the tale of one orphan seeking her dream in Venice, Italy, in 1715—a time when music permeated the canals and lanes of the floating city. Abandoned as a baby at the Ospedale della Pietà, Isabella dal Cello has spent her entire life wondering why her mother deserted her. Now she is an ambitious teen who has worked hard to earn a place playing her cello in the orphanage’s prestigious orchestra. This remarkable ensemble of girls is directed by none other than Don Antonio Vivaldi, the colorful and complex maestro, destined to be remembered as a great composer, conductor, and violinist. Don Vivaldi recognizes Isabella as a kindred spirit and nurtures her talent. One night, however, Isabella defies the rules of the Ospedale and sneaks out with her best friend. The unusual punishment devised for Isabella changes her life in a most unexpected way, testing her devotion to her musical goals—and her friends. Can Isabella satisfy an impossible choice that is put before her? Challenged by loss and betrayal, she will have to call on her pluck and perseverance if she has any chance of claiming her dream before it slips away.

About the Author -- Kimberly Cross Teter, a proud Texas native, is a teacher and traveler by nature and a writer by happy choice. Her students have ranged from preschoolers to college freshmen, and she has appreciated the unique talents and quirky humor in all ages. When she was nineteen, Kim backpacked through Europe with three girlfriends and has thirsted for the adventure of discovery ever since. When not traveling by planes, trains or automobiles, she journeys to other ages and places via books, conversation, and education.

Kim now lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with a wonderful husband and a loyal canine kid. She also has three grown human kids who have brought her immeasurable happiness--and a grandbaby! Kim's favorite genre is historical fiction, and a couple of her all-time faves are BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY by Ruta Sepetys and NUMBER THE STARS by Lois Lowry. Isabella's Libretto is Kim's debut novel. 

For Ages 10+.  Available in paperback (258 pages), eBook (Kindle, NOOK, iBook) from your favorite bookseller.  If you need books for a special event, please complete our Bookseller Order Inquiry.

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