A Tale of Three Women possesses a magical quality—fable-like, yet grounded in reality, set in the past, yet contemporary, farfetched, yet possible. Kathleen Thompson, raised as a sharecropper’s daughter in west Alabama, brings to life poor, rural Alabama folk who develop an interest in the arts and move beyond their limited boundaries, but maintain the ability to return to their roots with a full understanding of who they are. Kathleen is both an award-winning poet and a prose writer. In A Tale of Three Women, she recreates a town long gone, and digs up dialects of rural Alabamians whose lives and hopes are shaped and muddled by a simple coincidence. Her sense of humor, however, remains front and center. Enjoy this short visit to Brownville, Alabama. Meet the people, lament the sorrow, but feel free to laugh out loud.

A Tale of Three Women